Our Values

Focusing on people and the planet

The Connell Company recognizes our collective responsibility for the health of our planet and the importance of sustainable practices to preserving it.

Sustainable design is a guiding principle of The Park where sustainable infrastructure, including solar canopies and electric car charging stations, is woven together with health-focused, eco-friendly amenities such as landscaped walking paths and a bike share program. We prioritize sustainable operating methods, including high recycling standards, eco-friendly packaging and reduced carbon emissions at our properties.

A new path forward

At The Park, our approach is based on the belief that people are social by nature. As the traditional division between work and life continues to disappear, we have found a new path that delivers richer experiences and strikes a better work / life balance. With a focus on sustainability, human health and community, we’re focused on supporting people and the places where we do business.

Grover Cleveland Connell, founder of Connell Co, a real estate, hospitality and equipment leasing company