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About Us

The Connell Company, founded in 1926, is one of the largest diversified, privately-held corporations in the United States.  Since its inception, there have been four generations of the Connell family owning and directing the business, with three generations currently active. Over its 88 + years in business, Connell has evolved from a commodities-based organization to an asset-based firm.

 Originally operating as Connell Rice & Sugar Co., Connell traded US grown rice and brokered domestic sugar and confectionary products, and by the 1960’s and 1970’s was the largest non-governmental rice trader in the world, selling US rice throughout Asia, the Middle East and Africa.  During the 1970’s, Connell Rice & Sugar started to diversify into other businesses and changed its name to The Connell Company.  Connell devised a corporate strategy to balance short-term profits and long-term objectives. Two significant components of the Company started at that time and still operating today are Connell Finance Company, Inc. and Connell Real Estate & Development Co., both asset-based businesses. 

 In 2011, after 85 years in the rice business, Connell ceased its rice operations to focus its efforts on other core businesses.  Current activities of Connell (including divisions and subsidiaries) comprise: the international supplying of equipment and services to the mining industry (Connell Mining), the leasing of equipment, rolling stock, locomotives, barges, mining equipment and machinery (Connell Finance), the leasing of forklift trucks and other material handling equipment (Connell Equipment Leasing Company), and the acquisition, development and ownership of real estate (Connell Real Estate & Development Co.).

 The Connell Company is proud of its continuing innovation and growth, while maintaining its small business flexibility and responsiveness.  As a privately-held company, Connell is not burdened with the concerns of quarterly or annual reported earnings.  This, along with the fact that the company has a large capital base with minimal corporate debt, allows it to freely target long range goals, accumulate assets and establish lasting relationships.  With a highly-motivated, creative and professional work force and a strong financial foundation, Connell continues to look for new opportunities while focusing on the growth of core businesses. Connell’s focused objective is to deploy Company profits back into its ongoing businesses to foster long-term growth and wealth, and to acquire sound, long-term “inflation protected”, income-producing assets for future generations.